Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Bonjourno! Here is a list of jobs that we are looking for applicants for! If you would like to apply, comment on this post with the following details -

Taken Name:

Why you want this job:

*Food Merchants/Dealers-

*Shop Keepers-

*Cemetery Keeper(s)-



*Ambulance Drivers-


*McDonalds Workers-


*Hotel/Waterpark manager-


*Real Estate Managers-

*Religious Leaders-

*Taxi Drivers-

*Bus Drivers-

*Train Drivers-

*Police Officers-

*Fire Fighters-





*TV Presenters-

*Radio Presenters-




*Leaders of theatre/drama groups-

*Head Radio Presenter- Charisma Thorne









*Kitchen Fitters-


*Child Minders-



*Factory Workers-

*Life Guards-



*Hair Dressers-




If you want to be something not on the list, comment!!

Bye bye!

Charisma x :)


  1. Taken Name: Adam Ravel (Not original but oh well...)

    Why you want this job: Judge or spy
    Judge because I'm good at the decision making and it's something I enjoy :)

    Spy also because I'd enjoy it and it'd be awesome :P Don't mind being either.

  2. Kestrel LeStarre- Musketeer- because I honestly have no clue what a Musketeer would do, and because I burst out laughing when I saw it.

  3. Taken name: Ember (just Ember)

    Job: A doctor AND nurse, who can heal and ressurect people.

    Because it's awesome and I'd be able to heal people

  4. Taken Name: Maralie Lily Charm! :P

    Job - Ooh. A singer please.

    Because I like singing! XD

  5. Taken name Eden threatening.
    Job musketeers or judge because I like the power and the

  6. Musketeers because they look cool with the hats and the swords.
    Unless I get a musket of course, they're awesome.

  7. Well, I'm still not exactly sure what this is, but it sounds fun, so I'm in!
    Taken name: Aretha Tesla
    Job: Well, outside of this, I'm an assasin for the American Sanctuary, so I have plenty of experience in that job- I guess you could employ me as a ninja or spy if you wanted- they're not exactly the same thing, but I could do either one. Or I could be an assasin, if you want someone to do that.
    I could also be a scientist- my adept discipline is blood control anyway, so I know a fair amount of stuff about that- and I know more about electricity than any other scientific aspect, thus the name 'Tesla', which I took from the most amazing electrical genius ever (in my opinion). But he was called the Master of Lightning, so...
    I could also be a writer, because I love to write, a lot, as you could probably guess by the amount of time I spend working on fanfics. And I want to be an author. (and if you didn't know Aretha is literally me, just with magical powers. So she also loves to write and wants to be an author)
    And yes, I will simultaneously take on three jobs if you would like me to. This sounds really fun!

    Could someone please explain, though, exactly what this is and/or what we are supposed to be doing for this?

  8. Lavender Hope!

    Singer because I like singing, that's probably the only thing I can do well, and nothing else looks interesting to me... Except child minder. I'm good with young kids. :) Or just kids in general. *is 16*

  9. Death Rose
    Spy: I want this job because... I'm me! I can make the gravity lighter around me so I don't make a sound, I'm good at sneaking up on people, I love being sneaky!


    Religious leader: I am a follower of the Faceless Ones, what more is there to say?

  10. Adam Ravel - Judge and Spy
    Death Rose - Spy and Religious Leader
    Lavender Hope - Singer
    Arthea Tesla - Assasin, Ninja and Spy
    Eden Threatening - Musketeers
    Kestrel LeStarre - Musketeer
    Maralie Lily Charm - Singer

  11. Ieni-Lorarté-Strider
    Spy - Code Name The Ninja Aeroplane and therefore I shall also be a ninja.
    And a hat collector because I love my hats...

  12. Ieni Lorarte-Strider, yes sir you can be a spy and hat collector!

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